Become a Campion for Forest Home!

A Forest Home “Campion” is a Champion for Camp. Our Campions Ministry exists to:

1) Invite new campers to Encounter God at Forest Home

2) Provide Registration Discounts for Campions who get new people to attend camp by sharing their heart for Forest Home and what God does here


Inviting folks from your community to camp is a great way to bless others. Many people find that they grow spiritually more in one camp experience than a whole year of church going; Lives get touched as people encounter Jesus in new ways, become transformed, and are used by God to change their worlds!

How you will be blessed…

Forest Home provides Registration Discounts for Campions to steward toward their families and/or other camper registration fees. There are also rewards for official Forest Home backpacks and T-shirts!

How to Join us…

If you have a heart for people and for what Jesus is doing at Forest Home, just sign up below!

Enter your information below to enroll in the ministry and become a Forest Home Campion.

Campion Sign Up:

    A package of helpful Forest Home materials including brochures, DVD videos, stickers, etc. that you can share with others.